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TETRIS is a new way of teaching TRIZ

The methodology and techniques taught by TETRIS will be taken from the TRIZ methodology.

The TETRIS project will develop a course that will overcome psychological inertia and will boost creativity, problem setting and problem solving capacity.
Participants to the TETRIS course will be more creative, will have an enhanced capacity in understanding situations and problems and will find innovative solutions more easily.



Two are the main objectives of the project:

  1. Identify the learning needs of education systems and trainers in order to improve the efficiency of the courses aimed at developing individual problem solving skills and at introducing TRIZ at school and into professional organizations.

  2. Develop a course and training materials to improve individual problem solving capabilities and to speed-up the learning process of  TRIZ philosophy and instruments according to the following main directions:
  • introducing techniques for avoiding psychological inertia;
  • eliminating the attitude to trials & errors in order to improve the efficiency of the innovation process;
  • providing a structured approach to problem analysis and to technical creativity by means of systematic processes to reasoning based on ARIZ (Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving) fundamentals;
  • introducing fundamentals on systems evolution and on the objective laws identified by TRIZ researchers.




An expert teamwork will develop a strategy and a methodology for SCHOOL and for COMPANY. The two worlds are connected by a BRIDGE OF COMPETENCE that will assure the correct implementation of the best TRIZ teaching strategy.

TETRIS is devoted both to TEACHERS and both to COMPANIES.



The project will develop a methodology for the teaching of such skills that can applied at secondary schools, VET centers, universities.
Techniques and methodologies to improve creativity and problem solving attitudes are, nowadays, not taught at schools. At present creativity is only seldom taught at adult education courses.
Since the attitude to creativity is stronger at young age, integrating creativity and problem solving techniques and methodologies into VET education will improve the efficiency of such learning. Moreover a problem solving attitude as well as an improved problem setting capacity will also enhance the learning capacity of students in any field.



The project will promote systematic innovation and increase the effectiveness of research and development creativity. The TETRIS course will provide to your company a methodology and tools to find out technical solutions focused on your objectives.

Therefore your company will not spend time and money on pointless ideas. So TETRIS will boost the innovative potential of your team.